Notice! This index is very, VERY much out of date. I will try to work on getting information up on 'zines released since the 1996 version of this list when I can, as well as indicate print status (most titles are not currently available to the best of my knowledge.)

If you are an author or publisher named in this list who wishes your information to be removed, for whatever reason, please contact me at As many of these stories were published using real names at the time, I have listed contents as they were originally published, but will remove any information upon request from parties named within. Likewise, if you are a writer or publisher and have updated information on where to find your work listed here, please contact me so I can update the information. Thank you!

-sockii, June 23, 2009

Please note -

The version of the Index here is rather badly out-of-date at the moment. If you would like the much more comprehensive version of this index, please check out our Adobe Acrobat-format, on-line A-Team fanzine, PLANS SCAMS AND VANS. Issue 3 contains the January '97 version of the Index, and Issue 4 contains updated information as of May '97.

I may eventually provide a consolidated, updated .html version of the index once again, but at the moment it's not at the top of my priority list.

Compiled by N. N. Pellegrini

With help and information from: Scott Clark, Janet Byrne-Kaniuk, Roberta Chi-Woon Kwong, Donna Foster, Laura Michaels, Barbara Musser, Rita Ractliffe, Jenna Russell, Peg Waugh.

Last updated or revised 9/1/96

This index lists information about any and all fan-written stories including characters from the A-Team that have appeared in fandom print that I know of, as well as 'zines containing information articles about the A-Team. This list is, I'm sure, nowhere near complete, but it's a start, and I'd love help updating and expanding it in the future (see below).

SECTION 1 lists zines that contain only or predominantly A-Team material.

SECTION 2 lists stories from multi-media zines or crossovers with the A-Team that appeared in zines dedicated to other fandoms. I try to give brief plot descriptions of all the individual stories in Section 2 and of the longer pieces in Section 1.

SECTION 3 lists other zines I know contain *some* A-Team material, either stories or articles or LOC, but I don't have detailed information on their specific content.

SECTION 4 lists the addresses of different 'zine editors, publishers, and dealers that are mentioned repeatedly in this index. These are the people you should contact if you would like more information on a given title and if it's still available or not.



The following symbols are listed next to certain zines/stories
* Means I.M.O. it's an exceptionally good story, at least compared to the other A-Team zine stories I've read. Definitely worth checking out if you can find it. Not that the other stuff is necessarily bad, but these are ones I especially enjoyed. Your Mileage May Vary.

! Means this zine is still available (at least the last time I checked) , either through a current print run or a reprint. See the Press listings at the end of this document is you wish further ordering info.

? Means I have only seen mention of this zine or story (perhaps in a zine catalog or flyer) but neither I nor one of the other contributors to this list has verified its contents.

:) Means I would be eternally grateful if someone had a copy of this zine for sale, or for temporary loan, or knows where it might still be available, as I have been looking to read it for some time.

/ Means the title refers to a "slash" story or zine, involving (usually) explicitly-described relationships between members of the same sex. Such zines generally require an age statement with ordering as the material is intended for mature audiences only.

Zine titles are all CAPITALIZED and story titles are in quotes.


I would like to make this list as inclusive as possible. If you know of any A-Team stories out there that aren't in this index, or have further information about "?"-marked zines, let me know about them. Please provide the following information if you write me about a 'zine:

1. Story title, zine title, story's author, story's length.
2. Current availability of the zine (and ordering information, if known.)
3. A brief description of the content of the story (and a review if you want.) If it is a crossover with another fandom, indicate so.

Some of the these stories are now availble (with the permission of their authors) on-line, in issues of the "OntheJazz" electronic newsletter. Links to the text of these stories are listed with the story's title.


ABOUT FACE (55 pages) From Halo Press
A-Team/Battlestar Gallactica 'zine, focused mainly on Face & Starbuck.
"The Last Twelve Years" (16 pages) Has Face been the one locked up in a mental hospital for twelve years, while the rest of the Team led normal lives?
"A Pizza The Action" (9 pages) Face wants to prove that he hasn't "lost his touch."
"One More Time Again" (15 pages) Adventure story based on what might have happened if Face *hadn't* made it to the chopper in "One More Time" and had to be rescued.
"Christmas Crackers" (5 pages) It's Christmas and Face is sick with the flu - or is he?
"Fools Rush In" (11 pages) Murdock is accused of killing someone at the VA - has he been set-up as part of a larger crime?

THE A-TEAM FILE #1 (50 pages) Printed October '83 AAA Press
Information articles and the following short stories:
"Ah, Colonel Lynch! How Nice to See You Again!" by Linda Hepden (12 pages). A Knight Rider crossover.
"Technicolor Starts Here" by J A Mortimore (3 pages)
"Dialogue: Black Day at Bad Rock" by J A Mortimore (5 pages)
"Just a Little Liberation" by Jita (4 pages)
"Chance Encounter" by Linda Hepden (1 page)
"An Undercover Story" by C C Connors (4 pages)

THE A-TEAM FILE #2 (52 pages) Printed April '84 AAA Press
Information articles and the following short stories:
"Just Passing Through" by C S Armitage (14 pages) Rather amusing little adventure story.
"Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday" by A S Lawrence (4 pages)
"Hook, Line and Sinker" by Sally Jones (5 pages)
"Incident in a Death Camp" by Janet Ellicott (4 pages)
"Home Thoughts from a Broad" by J A Mortimore (3 pages)
"'Twas the Night Before Christmas" by A S Lawrence (5 pages)

THE A-TEAM FILE #3 (55 pages) Printed April '85, AAA Press
"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" by Theda (4 pages)
"Safe and Secure" by C S Armitage (4 pages)
"Birdman" by Stephanie Lucas (1 page)
"Every Dog Has Its Day" by D Fittes (1 page)
"Black is Beautiful" by Sally Jones (17 pages) A Knight Rider crossover
"A Look Inside" (1 page)
"Saigon-An Eye-Witness Account" by Judy Wrighton (3 pages)
"Well, Maybe Next Year" by Loot (7 pages) Strange story about the team working at an unusual hotel...

* THE A-TEAM FILE #4 (54 pages) Printed March '86, AAA Press.
"Mary's Boy Child" by J A Mortimore. This zine is one long story, and a good one too. The team is stuck with two female-tag-alongs this time, along with Amy, as they travel to Gothinia to rescue a kidnapped child.

"Never Turn Your Back" by Lori Beatty. (6 pages). Set during the "Curtain Call" episode.
Poem by Danny Beatty
"Circumstantial Evidence" by Jackie Edwards. (38 pages). In which Murdock is suspected of having an affair with...Maggie?
"Mistaken Identity" by Mary Hughes. (25 pages). Does Murdock have a forgotten past in Texas, and a son he never knew about?
* "Shadows in the Rain" by Michele Lellouche. (11 pages). Great Team story about the guys hiding out in the Florida swamps trying to avoid Fulbright. (Reminiscent of Nam.)
* "Something on the String of G" by Lori Beatty. (19 pages) This is the infamous Team gets 10% of Chippendales story. Murdock hams it up as a Chippendales dancer.

"Too Bad Howling Mad" by Mary Hughes. (32 pages). After a car accident Murdock looses his memory, and isn't too sure he wants it back.
* "Things that go Bump in the Night" by Denise Sheets (27 pages). The team take on a mysterious case at a southern prison.
"The Date" by Jackie Edwards. (7 pages). Same as "Prom Night," described below under the ON THE JAZZ listings.
"Visiting Day" by Lori Beatty. (9 pages). Kelly visits Murdock at the V.A.
"The Devil...& Decker Too" by G. Brennan. (15 pages). Hannibal and Decker are both given offers they can't refuse...or can they?
"Night Thoughts" by Jeanette Hoffman. (1 page).
"Almost Like Being in Love" by Lori Beatty. (7 pages). Amy remembers her first night with Murdock - at the VA Hospital.
"Revenge" by Jackie Edwards. (15 pages).

"Children of Bad Rock" by Joy Baker. (14 pages) A story using every title of every single A-Team episode.
"Murdock's Miracle" by Gwen Brennan. (16 pages) A mysterious man may be the only one who can save Murdock's life and keep the Team from being captured.
* "Just One of Those Days" by Rita Ractliffe. (14 pages) An accident during a camping trip results in a near-death situation for Maggie.
* "Enterprise Incident" by Lori Beatty and Sue Keenan. (17 pages) An A-Team, Star Trek crossover also involving the real-life actors.
"Teamwork" by Lori Beatty. (26 pages) After "A Nice Place to Visit," recollections from Hannibal.

"The Vessel" by Jackie Edwards (25 pages). Is Dr. Maggie Sullivan possessed by an evil spirit? Looks like the team will have to find out. Weird.
"Pasadena Murdock" by Michele Lellouche (21 pages). UNAURTHORIZED version of this story, which had been withdrawn from publication. See listing below in Section 2, the official version is available in the 'zine DISTASIS.
"One Small Step" by Lori Beatty (15 pages) Reflections from each of the team members before/during 'Nam.
* "Assignment Tardis" by Elizabeth Hensley (19 pages) One of my favorite fan stories, a Dr. Who crossover. Can Murdock successfully pilot the space shuttle and bring it down to safety? Uh-oh...
"Aftermath" by Jackie Edwards (3 pages) Stockwell & Carla "adult" piece, after "The Say Uncle Affair."

FACE THE ENEMY (51 pages) From Halo Press
A-Team/Battlestar Gallactica 'zine, focused mainly on Face & Starbuck.
"Revelations" (12 pages)
"The Choice" (6 pages, Galactica)
"The Opera Ain't Over" (31 pages)

FACE THE MUSIC (67 pages) From Halo Press
A-Team/Battlestar Gallactica 'zine, focused mainly on Face & Starbuck.
"Gabrielle" (28 pages) A young brother and sister operative team is used by the military to capture the guys. Are they as good as they say they are?
"Like Father Like Son" (poem)
"There's Something About A Jungle (17 pages) "There'sosmething a little peculiar about the woman who's hired the A-Team to find her brother in the South American jungles...
"Home To Roost" (4 pages) 5th season. Just how *did* Murdock know what BA and Face said while they were awaiting execution?
"The Blue Crystal" (18 pages, Galactica)

FACE TO FACE (52 pages) From Halo Press
A-Team/Battlestar Gallactica 'zine, focused mainly on Face & Starbuck.
"Blind Reason" (12 pages) Yet another Face-is-blinded-in-an-accident story.
"Templeton Peck" (4 page biography) Summary of all the information on Face's background as presented on the show.
"Monday's Child" (16 pages) Story of how Face originally joined the Team.
"Absent Without Leave" (20 pages, Galactica)

FACE VALUE (52 pages) From Halo Press
A-Team/Battlestar Gallactica 'zine, focused mainly on Face & Starbuck.
"Up For Grabs" (24 pages) Face is captured while on a case and the Team must find him and save him. Also get to see Face as an exotic dancer in a ladies' club.
"Face's Freudian Fantasy (23 pages) OK, definitely gets the awards for *weirdest* plot idea I've ever come across - Face wakes up one day to find out he's been transformed into a horse. Too bad the story is really actually quite boring...
"What Do You Think Of It So Far?" (5 pages, poll results) Summary of reader's polls after "About Face."

Not listed in their catalog but avail. as reprint from PK&BH. One long story by Flipper. Hannibal/Face and...Decker/Face?! Uh, yeah, you kind of have to read it to believe it.

LOSING FACE (50 pages) From Halo Press
A-Team/Battlestar Gallactica 'zine, focused mainly on Face & Starbuck.
"The Computer Age Strikes Back" (2 pages)
"The Lengthening Chain" (27 pages) Face has just spent close to a year in prison, and isn't sure he wants to hook up with the Team again. But Decker's close on his tail...
"Picky Picky Picky" (3 page review) One not-very-enthusiastic response to the episode "Only Chrch in Town."
"Fair's Fair" (2 pages)
"Interim" (16 pages, Galactica)

Available from Donna Foster (see information at end of document)

MORE THAN JUST A TEAM (58 pages) Printed June '87, Starlight Press
One long story by Morgan, in which Face has a recurrence of malaria and the team must deal with numerous problems in getting him treated and then bringing him back to health.

Available from Rita Ractliffe, 15500 Erwin Street, #297, Van Nuys, CA 91411.
Adult story, non-slash (although it does involve male rape.) Intense, graphic, disturbing, but very well written story of Hannibal's capture and rescue from a prison camp in Vietnam, set during the 5th season of TAT.

!/ ONE WAY OR ANOTHER 1 (72 pages)
Avail. from PK&BH. All A-Team issue (all Hann./Face, I believe.)
"Deathdance" (6 pages)
"Sting in the Tail" (22 pages)
"Vengeance" (36 pages)

!/ ONE WAY OR ANOTHER 2 (72 pages)
Avail. from PK&BH. Multi-media but largely A-Team (Hannibal/Face).
"Orphans of the Storm" (5 pages)
"Life in the Fast Lane" (6 pages)
"Choices" (poem)
"Facets" (poem)
"Arabian Nightmare" (46 pages)

!/ ONE WAY OR ANOTHER 3 (78 pages)
Avail. from PK&BH. Mostly A-Team, some Miami Vice.
"Two of a Kind" (7 pages) Hannibal/Face
"Thereby Hangs a Tail" (36 pages) Hannibal/Face
"Late Night" (3 pages) Face/Murdock
"Edge of Night" (3 pages) Hannibal/Face
"The Love of Men" (16 pages) Hannibal/Face

!/ ONE WAY OR ANOTHER 4 (83 pages), Printed May '89
Avail. from PK&BH. Multi-media but mostly A-Team. A-Team stories:
"Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory" by Marie Morgan (3 pages) Hann./Face
"Living on Dreams" by H.E. (4 pages) Murdock/Face
"Business vs. Pleasure" by H.E. (2 pages) Hannibal/Face
"Sleeping Partners" by H.E. (2 pages) Hannibal/Face
"Cat-a-Clysms" by C.J.W. (8 pages) Hannibal/Face
"Comrades in Arms" by T. Roubles (11 pages) Mrdock/Face first time.
"Under the Spell" by H.E. (7 pages) Hannibal/Face, after "The Only Churh in Town" episode.
"The Wings of the Morning" by Morgan (18 pages) Hannibal/Face. The Colonel is believed dead and Face is depressed.

!/ ONE WAY OR ANOTHER 5 (82 pages), Printed May '90
Avail. from PK&BH. Multi-media but mostly A-Team. A-Team stories:
"Birthday Surprises" by Flipper (21 pages) Hannibal/Face first time.
"One Night In Saigon" by Marie Morgan (8 pages) Murdock/Face first time.
"Three Men in a Tub" by H.M. (22 pages) Hannibal/Face/Murdock. Uh... just like the title says, basically.

!?/ ONE WAY OR ANOTHER 6 (147 pages)
Avail. from PK&BH. Multi-media, but a lot of A-Team.
"The Longest Time" (11 pages)
"Matchmaker" (3 pages)
"Games...!" (5 pages)
"Bird in a Gilded Cage" (40 pages). AT/Airwolf crossover.
"'Twas the Night Before Christmas" (7pages) AT/Sherlock Holmes.

ON THE JAZZ edited by Deborah Okoniewski
This was a newsletter containing information about fans interested in the A-Team, A-Team articles and short, short stories.

From the CLOSED FOR REMODELING crew, an R-rated straight 'zine.
"Gift Certificate" by Lori Beatty (19 pages). Murdock and Jody Joy on their Hawaiian vacation trip after the "Wheel of Fortune" episode.
"Snowbound!" by Jackie Edwards (22 pages). Hannibal & Maggie, Murdock & some girl, Face, and B.A. go off on a ski trip. It's amazing how the avalanche manages only to cave in the roof over Hannibal's room and it seems like business as usual in the ski lodge afterwards...
* "Nobody Does it Better" by Lori Beatty (13 pages). Set during "The Spy Who Mugged Me," Murdock and Dominique battle it out in a bit of sexual...espionage.
"Oak Alley" by Jackie Edwards (15 pages). Hannibal and Maggie on a vacation at a Southern plantation.

! PLANS SCAMS AND VANS #1 (79 pages) Printed June '95
Available from Nicole Pellegrini, 2429 Locust St. #315, Philadelphia, PA 19103.
"Bad Day for a Space-Time Anomaly" by N. Pellegrini (29 pages). A Star Trek:NG crossover.
"Invasion of Air-Space" by Laura Michaels (11 pages). Is Face's new "companion" a visitor from outer space?
"Rockin' Down the House" by Laura Michaels (8 pages). The team put on a concert to save a community center.
"101 Ways to Break Out of the V.A. Hospital by H.M. Murdock. (5 pages).
"Special Assignment" by N. Pellegrini (15 pages). An Amy & Murdock story.
Zine also containsa review of a book on Stephen Cannell and an A- Team bibliography, both by Michele Lellouche.

! PLANS SCAMS AND VANS #2 (126 pages) Printed March '96
Available from Nicole Pellegrini, 2429 Locust St. #315, Philadelphia, PA 19103.
"The A-Team by Ernest Hemingway" by Kyle Cassidy (3 pages).
"Out of the Frying Pan..." by Irene Snyder Schrwarting (13 pages). MASH crossover; story of the Team's escape from Vietnam prison camp.
"A Team to Steele" by Liz Meinert (1/2 page). Short Remington Steele/Team crossover. "Missing?" by Laura Michaels (6 pages). Face investigates a missing dog.
"Conspiracy" by Liz Meinert (1/2 page). Short Nowhere Man/Team crossover.
"Hacking Away at the System" by N.N. Pellegrini (36 pages). The Team investigates missing students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
"The Lady" by Liz Meinert (11 pages). Airwolf/A-Team crossover. "Distant Thunder" by N.N. Pellegrini (1 page). Short X-Files/A-Team crossover.
"A Closet Full of Skeletons, A Past Full of Ghosts" (15 pages, script format). 5th season story, Frankie is kidnapped by an old enemy of Hannibal's.
"Shadows and Stars" by N.N. Pellegrini (25 pages). Galactica/Babylon5/A-Team crossover.
"The A-Team of Space" transcribed by Laura Michaels (8 pages). Buck Rodgers/Star Wars/Galactica/"A-Team" crossover, from the logs of USS BA's Van...

Available from Donna Foster (see information at end of document)
Adult A-Team - age statement required.

!/ PURE PORN SPECIAL Also known as OUTRAGE (81 pages)
Avail. from PK&BH. Contains "Outrage" (49 pages) Hannibal/Face.
"Short Rations" (10 pages) Hannibal/Face.
"After the Showdown" (19 pages) Murdock/Face.

Avail. from PK&BH. "Ripples of Jamestown."(52 pages)
"Bite of the Apple" (23 pages)

SAVING FACE (44 pages, digest size) From Halo Press
A-Team/Battlestar Gallactica 'zine, focused mainly on Face & Starbuck.
"All Passion Spent" (13 pages) Does Face need - or even want - Hannibal's attentions while trying to recover from an injury that leaves him, well... incapacitated, shall we say?
"No Time Like The Present" (11 pages) B.A. is dead. Face may never walk again. Hannibal may need some divine intervention to get his life and the Team back on track. (A real downer, actually.)
"The Switch" (20 pages) What happens after the "Mind Games" episode when they take Face to the V.A. instead of Murdock...


"Correct Minutes" by Socki (3pages)
"Vets Stick Together" by Karen Jessop (4 pages)
"If Only I'd Known" by C S Armitage (2 pages)
"A Case of Mistaken Identity" by Rue McAnally (1 page)
"High School Drug Dealers " by Ruth Queensborough (2 pages)
"White Lines" by Thea Quinn (28 pages) A drug lord wants revenge on the team so he kidnaps Face and gets him hooked on cocaine.

"The Arrangement" by Judy Wrighton (4 pages)
* "Any Wednesday" by Lori Beatty (8 pages) Amy & Murdock story.
"Getting Home" by Klutz (3 pages)
* "One Night in the DOOM Club" by Tracy Humphreys (2 pages)
"Message for Maria" by Diane Buckley (2 pages)
"Fatal Error" by J G Park (4 pages)
"Missing in Action" by Socki & Captain Sensible (9 pages) 'Nam-era story
"Old Man River" by Judy Wrighton (2 pages)
"Pecking Away at the System" by Felis Sylvestris (2 pages)
* "Oriental Black Eyes Meet Occidental Brown" by Diane Buckley (3 pages)
"The Labyrinth" by Thea Quinn (13 pages) Face is very seriously wounded during an attempted capture by Decker...but it wasn't Decker that shot at him.

"Vision of Hope" by Wendy Grice (4 pages)
"Reflections" by Thea Quinn (2 pages)
"In With a Chance" by Vivien Young (3 pages) Amy & Murdock story.
"Adjust or Your Dead" by Felis Sylvestris (3 pages)
"Busy Line" by Judy Wrighton (3 pages)
"Dreams of Yesterday" by Wendy Grice (21 pages) 5th season story, mainly focused on Face.
"Forbidden Treasure" by Rae McAnally (2 pages)
"Sapphires and Steele" by Thea Quinn (19 pages) A girl hires the team to find her missing brother.
"An Impossible Case" by Vivian Young (3 pages)

*! SIDEWINDER by Owen Pentecost
Available from Donna Foster (see information at end of document)
Single-story 'zine - Decker and the Team caught up in a plot involving the space shuttle. Good story with lots of background on Decker and Captain Crane.

* SLAP IN THE FACE (83 pages, digest size) From Halo Press
One long story. Also known as DANIELLE. Definitely the best of the Halo Press Face-zines, although it could have used some proofreading and grammar work. Face gets sidetracked while on the way to meeting the team for a mission and ends up married(!) to Decker's troublesome scheming daughter(!) A fun read - but what's with that "grimy Philadelphia" crack?!

! TALES FROM TAT #1 Printed by TAT Appreciation Society
Available from Donna Foster (see information at end of document)
"The Original A-Team Pilot" by M.C. Coy
"The Reflection" by Diane Spencer
"I Left My Heart In" by Jane Watkins
"Friends" by Socki
"Templeton Peck" by Dee Dee
"Snakebite" by Terry Evans
"Silent Night" by The Lieutenant
"The Real Me" by Sue Bowley
"Somebody Inside of Me" by Diane Spenser
"A Problem Filled Day for The A-Team" by M.C. Coy
"Snakebite 2" by Lynne Norman
"In Defense of The A-Team" by Sola Starshine
"The Sun Rises Forever" by Sola Starshine
"Lady of Mystery" by Elion Slayer

! TALES FROM TAT #2 (65 pages) Printed by TAT Appreciation Society
Available from Donna Foster (see information at end of document)
"Father Figure" by Jan Harley (4 pages)
"A Piece of Cake?" by Lynda Craney (9 pages) Another mission which certainly wasn't.
"Shipwreck" by Tracy Humphreys (1 page)
"Brothers in Arms" by Diane Spencer (2 pages)
"A Night for a Fright" by Adrian Townsend (5 pages)
"Teacher's Pet" by Diane Buckley (4 pages)
"Face Meets a Lady" by Lynda Craney (2 pages)
* "American Werewolf in America" by Jenna Russell (3 pages)
"Memories" by Sola Starshine (4 pages)
"Shipwreck" by Lynda Craney (27 pages) Murdock must find the guys who have been captured by the military and then shipwrecked in a storm.

Available from Donna Foster (see information at end of document)

Published by Donna Foster, Tanis, 30 Longwick, Langdon Hills, Essex, SS16 5UG
Newsletter published by TATAS Fanclub. Newsletters contained LOC, information articles, and short stories. Fiction in each title that I have found are listed below. Some issues are still available today.


! "And Snoopy Went Down" by Felis Sylvestris (2 pages)
Originally from AIRWAVES 6, printed Nov '86, AAA Press.
Available in AIRWAVES MULTIMEDIA SPECIAL #2 from PK&BH (see also
"Friends or Foes?").
Murdock dies. Just too depressing.

"Afterglow" by Lori Beatty (6 pages)
From NEXUS 2, printed March 1988, AAA Press.
Reflections from Murdock and Kelly after the episode "Bounty."

"The A-Team."
An Introductory article about the show by Michele Lellouche (4 pages)

!* "The Bats in the Belfry Affair or One Bird in the Hand is Worth Three in the Looney Bin or The B-Team Affair" by Eileen Roy (24 pages)
From THE PALADINS AFFAIR, avail. from PK&BH.
An A-Team/M.U.N.C.L.E. crossover featuring Murdock. Quite good if very, very, very strange story about some bizarre experiments at the V.A.

! "The Beginning" by Devereaux Dane (14 pages)
From HEROES, avail. from PK&BH. (Note: this is not a / story but the zine is.)
A Vietnam-era piece about the start of the team.

"Better the Jazz You Know" by David Gordon (3 pages)
Source unknown. Sometimes B.A.'s post-flight state can be put to good use...

!* "The Big Bad Wolfe" by Joyce Ashcroft (31 pages)
From OSIRIS FILES 4, avail from PK&BH.
Very well written, humorous story, written in the true fashion of the show's original episodes. The team help a woman save the foster home she runs from demolition by the army.

!* "Big Brother" by Theresa Evans (9 pages)
From SUFFERING HEROES (see also "To Heal a Dream"), avail from PK&BH.
'Nam-era story, Face is hurt, comfort provided by Hannibal and Murdock.

!* "Birth of a Hero" by Sue D Nym (3 pages)
From FRAK 5, avail. from PK&BH.
The beginning of "Captain Cab."

"Blind Date" by Patricia Franklin (13 pages)
From AIRWAVES 1, printed Dec. '84 (see also "The Enemy of my Enemy.")
Face is blinded--perhaps permanently--in an accident.

"Cave In" by Jackie Edwards (7 pages)
Unknown source. Hannibal and Murdock are trapped in a cave in.

! "Comrades" by Theresa Evans (9 pages)
From HEROES' PLIGHT #1 available from PK&BH.
Vietnam - era story, Face is wounded.

"Comrades" by J. Hindman (5 pages)
Unknown source. Set after "The Say Uncle Affair," focused on Stockwell and Ivan though Murdock makes some appearances.

! "Conspiracy" by Jackie Edwards (13 pages)
From SOUTHERN LIGHTS 2, originally printed 1986 by Ashton Press, available currently from PK&BH.
An old enemy of Hannibal sets a trap (involving Murdock) to try to capture the Colonel.

"Cradle Snatcher" by Yvonne Parkin (4 pages)
Unknown source. Face adopts a young orphan.

!* "Diamond Formation" by Lorraine Beatty (4 pages)
From SOUTHERN LIGHTS 3, avail. from PK&BH. Murdock is having dreams about his days with the Thunderbirds.

"Double Take" by Susan Skeen (12 pages)
Unknown source. A Battlestar Gallactica crossover. Face is dead, but a visit from Starbuck may bring Hannibal out of his depression.

!* "The Enemy of my Enemy" by Denise Sheets (30 pages)
Originally from AIRWAVES 1, printed Dec. 84 (see also "Blind Date."). Available in AIRWAVES MULTI-MEDIA SPECIAL #1 from PK&BH (see also "A Team Effort" and "The Van").
The Team and Decker work together to rescue Decker's daughter. Good story, well written and lots of action.

"First Combat" by Janet Ellicot (1/2 page)
From FRAK 6 (see also "Silver Memories and Sweet Memories".)
MASH/A-Team crossover.

"Flashback" by Kathleen Hoffman (7 pages)
Source unknown. Face has a flashback to 'Nam.

!* "Forget Me Not, Sucker" by Joyce Ashcroft
From OSIRIS FILES 3, avail. from PK&BH.
Decker attempts to get the truth out of Murdock with drugs but he ends up losing his memory instead, which gets to be a problem when the Team needs him. Sharp and very well-written.

! "Friends or Foes?" by Patricia Franklin (23 pages)
Originally from AIRWAVES #3, available in AIRWAVES MULTIMEDIA SPECIAL #2, avail. from PK&BH (see also
"And Snoopy Went Down").
Crossover with Starsky & Hutch. S&H are ordered to find the A-Team.

"The Good of the One" by Cathy L. Bryson (5 pages)
From THE CANNELL FILES #11 (see information in Section 3).
"Missing scene" story from the "Without Reservations" episode.

!* "I Don't Like Mondays" by Jan Harley (13 pages)
From THE AGONY COLUMN #1 avail. from PK&BH.
Excellent if disturbing story about Murdock's experiences in the prison camp during the war, and what happened to him in the months after the bank job. (As a side note, this 'zine also contains two great ST:TNG stories centered around Reginald Barlcay, so this is a great 'zine for Dwight Schultz fans.)

! "Incident in a Tumbleweed Town" by Linda S. Maclaren (10 pages)
From MEDIA RARE, avail. from PK&BH.
Tumbleweeds help the team avoid the military.

"In 'Nam We Trust" by Cathy L. Bryson (4 pages)
Unknown source. Face is flashing back to 'Nam again.

! "In Remembrance of Times Past" by Janet Ellicot (4 pages)
From FRAK 9, avail. from PK&BH (see also "Them That Asks No Questions.") A missing scene from "Bad Time on the Border."

"Joyride" by Morgan (4 pages)
From ENIGMA 13, printed '90 Blue Jay Press. (See also "Strange Beginning.")
Murdock takes Face on a roller coaster ride.

"Leader" by Jackie Edwards (10 pages)
From AIRWAVES 9, printed Nov. '87 AAA Press.
Hannibal loses his sight--possibly permanently--in an accident.

* "Legacy from the Jungles of Nam" by Lori Beatty (29 pages)
From OF DREAMS AND SCHEMES #6, published 5/88.
Mudock is suffering from a recurrence of malaria, and Hannibal and Amy are taking care of him until Face & BA arrive with medical help. Exceptionally well written, nice character development and background on Hannibal and Murdock's relationship.

"Lies and Consequences" by Susan M. Garrett
From the KARENINA CONTINUITY CHRONICLES #2, edited by Susan M. Garrett.
Part of a 5 part (plus some other miscellaneous) zine series relating the adventures of Karenina, a vampire that wants to become human.

"Life-Line" by Jackie Edwards (4 pages)
From AIRWAVES 10, printed March '88 AAA Press.
Hannibal's only chance for recovery may be a visit from Maggie Sullivan.

"Medallions" by Rita Ractliffe (3 pages)
From EVERYTHING BUT THE KITCHEN SINK #5 printed 1991, Markalaine Press. (See also
"Somethin' Lost")
Hannibal reminisces on how he received each of his metals, Korea and 'Nam.

! "Mistaken Identity" by Patricia Franklin (17 pages)
Originally from AIRWAVES #3, avail. in AIRWAVE GALACTICA SPECIAL from PK&BH.
Apollo and Starbuck meet the A-Team.

!/ "Night Manoeuvers" by Fran Ward (4 pages)
From AMARE 4, avail from PK&BH.
A Face/Murdock first-time story. (Note: This zine is worth checking out for a really, truly bizarre adult Knight Rider story...)

"Not Your Standard Bug-Eyed Monster" by John Peel (9 pages)
From TIME WINDS, EARTH ISSUE 12, edited by Susan M. Garrett.
Doctor Who (the 3rd one?) and Murdock face an alien invasion at the VA with the help of the A-Team.

"One Beginning" by Juli Cleveland (3 pages)
From either SCENARIO (1985) or RETURN OF SCENARIO (1987), edited by Scott Clark.
Story of Face joining the Team.

"Party Girl" by Rita Ractliffe (5 pages)
From ADULT SITUATIONS, unknown issue #.
What happens when Velley Girl, yuppie Non-Comm. officer meets the A-Team!

!* "Pasadena Murdock and the Gem of the Sahara" by Michele Lellouche and Laura Michaels (22 pages)
From DISTASIS (see also "Wanted: Missing Vans" and "When Shadows Fall"), avail. from Laura Michaels.
NOTE! An unauthorized version of this story was published in CLOSED FOR REMODELING #4, giving credit only to Michele. The CFR version is different and not the official version. This is a very funny "Jewel of the Nile"-style parody story.

! "Past Remembered" by Brenda Callagher (9 pages)
Originally from AIRWAVES 19, printed April '91 AAA Press, avail. in AIRWAVES GALACTICA SPECIAL from PK&BH.
A crossover with "Gallactica '80."

* "Script" by Laura Michaels (& H.M. Murdock)
From STARNET #5, July-Aug, pp. 5-16, editor Michelle L. Levigne.
More of a newsletter than a 'zine. Murdock decides to come up with a better science fiction script than "Bullets and Bikinis" and it involves the A-Team as the stars.

! "Should You Chose to Accept It" by Janet Ellicot (1/2 page)
From FRAK 7 (see also "Twice as Much Trouble"), available from PK&BH
Short Mission Impossible crossover.

"Silver Medals and Sweet Memories" by Janet Ellicot (26 pages)
From FRAK 6 (see also "First Combat".)
A story about the A-Team getting their pardon and what happened to Morrison.

"Smuggler's Misfortune" by Laura Michaels (11 pages)
From OUR FAVORITE THINGS #4, edited by Elaine M. and Anne Batterby.
An A-Team/MacGyver crossover.

!"Some Things Never Change" by Cynthia Merrik (14 pages)
Orginally from AIRWAVES #27, available in AIRWAVES MULTIMEDIA SPECIAL #6 from PK&BH.
Hannibal's daughter is kidnapped.

"Somethin' Lost" by Rita Ractliffe (4 pages) From EVERYTHING BUT THE KITCHEN SINK 5, printed 1991 by Markalaine Press (see also "Medallions").
Hannibal remembers a not-so good Christmas in Korea.

* "Strange Beginning" by P. S. de Resistance (9 pages)
From ENIGMA 13, printed '90 Blue Jay Press (see also "Joyride.")
Story of Murdock & Face getting to know each other during the war.

! "Survive the Alliance" by Sharon Monroe
An unauthorized version of this story apeared in OSIRIS FILES 1 and 2, but the official version is available in a stand-alone 'zine from Sharon Monroe. The scoop, from Laura Michaels: Sharon Monroe pulled her story from [OSIRIS]. The Osiris Files continued to publish *their own version* and claimed the story was theirs. Sharon went on to publish the *entire* story in Survive the Alliance (her 'zine). Osiris Files did not have the entire story so could not publish an identical piece. They started with Sharon's work and supposedly diverged from there.
This is a multiple crossover-story involving V, Battlestar Galactica, Knight Rider, Airwolf, Remington Steele, and of course the A-Team.

!"Tactics in Toyland" by Sean Christie (25 pages)
Originally from AIRWAVES #28, availale now in AIRWAVES MULIT- MEDIA SPECIAL #7 from PK&BH.
A toy company, squabbling "siblings," an eccentric house, a vampire and the A-Team.

!"A Team Effort" by Brenda Callagher (29 pages)
Originally from AIRWAVES 2, printed June '85 AAA Press, avail. in AIRWAVES MULTI-MEDIA SPECIAL #1 from PK&BH (see also "Enemy of my Enemy" and "The Van").
A Knight Rider/A-Team crossover story. Is Michael Knight working for Decker or with the Team as they go up against a group of mercenaries?

! "Them That Asks No Questions" by Janet Ellicot (4 pages)
From FRAK 9, avail. from PK&BH (see also "In Remembrance of Times Past.")
5th season, odd little piece.

!* "To Heal a Dream" by Theresa Evans (5 pages)
From SUFFERING HEROES (see also "Big Brother"), avail from PG&BH.
Also available in HEROES' PLIGHT 2 from PK&BH.
Murdock tries to comfort a nightmare-haunted Face.

! "Twice as Much Trouble" by Janet Ellicot (25 pages)
From FRAK 7 (see also "Should You Choose to Accept It"), available from PK&BH
Hannibal and the Team must help the children (fathered by Hannibal) that their mother gave up for adoption in 1969.

"United We Stand" by Teresa Ward (5 pages)
Unknown source.

! "The Van" by Jackie Edwards (14 pages)
Originally from AIRWAVES #3, avail. in AIRWAVES MULTI-MEDIA SPECIAL #1 (See also "Enemy of my Enemy" and "A Team Effort"). An A-Team/Master crossover. Maggie gets amnesia after getting attacked driving BA's van, ends up being rescued by the Master. See the Team get their asses kicked by a Ninja!

* "The Visitors vs the A-Team" by Laura Michaels
From GRIP #22 edited by Roberta Rogow.
The A-Team decides to do somthing about the Visitors and ends up working with the LA resistance.

"The Wall" by Susan M. Garrett (15 pages)
From RERUN #3, edited by Lorraine Bartlett.
Really nice A-Team/Knight Rider/ Magnum P.I./Airwolf story (or maybe I should say series of vignettes) about these veterans going to the memorial in Washington. The A-Team section is about 5 pages.

!* "Wanted: Missing Vans" by Laura Michaels (36 pages, script format)
From DISTASIS (see also "Pasadena Murdock" and "When Shadows Fall"), avail. from Laura Michaels. A Star Wars crossover story, very funny.

"War Hero" by Jackie Edwards (20 pages) From ADULT SITUATIONS, probably #1.
Hannibal & Maggie story. WHat happens when a blinded Hannibal stays at Maggie's, and a group of bank robbers hole up in her house as well.

!* "When Shadows Fall" by Susan Garrett (20 pages)
From DISTASIS (see also "Pasadena Murdock" and "Wanted: Missing Vans"), avail. from Laura Michaels.
Does the A-Team believe in ghosts? Strange things happen in an abandoned house.

"With a Little Help from My Friends" Unknown author (19 pages.)
Source unknown. An Airwolf crossover story.


Fanzine published by Scott Clark: Dec 1984--#1 to Summer 1989--#19/20
From Scott Clark: THE CANNELL FILES was essentially a letter-and- information zine, and preceded the printed ON THE JAZZ fanzine by several months. It was a place for fans of ANY Stephen J. Cannell show to gather and well as a clearinghouse for news about behind-the- scenes and the actors careers. Issues #1-around #14 contained frequent letters-of-comment from viewers regarding A-TEAM. Issues which contained specific A-TEAM related material OTHER than LoCs are listed next:
Issue #2 (Feb 84): Complete season 1 ep guide
Issue #3 (June 84): Complete season 2 ep guide
(oops the above issue #3 should be issue #4)
Issue #5: Complete season 3 ep guide
Issue #6: Partial season 4 ep guide
Issue #7: Partial season 4 ep guide
Issue #8: Finish of season 4 ep guide
Issue #10: All of season 5 guide but last episode
Issue #11: Final ep description, and the short 5-page original
fan story "The Good of the One" by Cathy Bryson
Issue #13: Special "Focus On..." feature looking at Lance LeGault

Avail from PK&BH

! FRAK #7
Avail. from PK&BH

Avail. from PK&BH.
Includes Professionals, Champions, and at least one A-Team or A-Team crossover.

Avail. from PK&BH.

Avail. from PK&BH


PK&BH = Peg Kennedy and Bill Hupe
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Send a very large SASE for their catalog, and indicate if there's a specific title you're looking for (as some of the reprints might not be in the general listing). They have reprints of a lot of old fanzines available and some used zines for sale as well.

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DONNA FOSTER - For TAT Appreciation Society Materials
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Orion Majoris Publications
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P.O. Box 6514
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Laura's DISTASIS zine also contains a great A-Team episode guide and
a bibliography of A-Team references.

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